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Educational Production / Development Internships


Marty Katz Productions seeks individuals for a unique educational internship experience. We are a feature film company that has produced many films including Titanic, Reindeer Games, Impostor, The Four Feathers, The Great Raid, and Love Ranch. Our interns work more as assistants than interns, giving you the best overall experience and preparing you for an entry level job in the industry. Our past interns now work for Jerry Bruckheimer, John Turtletaub, David Kirkpatrick, CAA, CBS, MGM, and Disney, among others. Two of our former interns have sold scripts for close to $1 million dollars!

As part of this educational internship, you will learn how to read a script and do script coverage. Using Movie Magic Scheduling, we will teach you how to break down a script and make a preliminary production schedule. Using Movie Magic Budgeting, we will teach you how to read a film production budget. You will need to purchase Movie Magic Scheduling and Movie Magic Budgeting for your laptop, so that you can continue to work on these projects from home, if necessary for completion. You will research development projects, help prepare lists of actors/writers/directors, give us your feedback on current projects and most of all LEARN how Hollywood runs. You will also learn how a film production office works during development and pre-production periods.

REQUIREMENTS: This is an EDUCATIONAL, UNPAID internship. Our program is designed primarily for recent college graduates who possess at least a Bachelor of Arts degree and are interested in pursuing a career in motion picture and/or television production.  Our internships are FULL TIME for SIX MONTHS and are available year round. When limited Summer Internships are available, the candidate must be in process of obtaining a Bachelor’s degree or higher.  Our internships require a high level of commitment as well as extensive homework and therefore are available to individuals who are able to support themselves during the four months without outside work.  You must possess a RELIABLE AUTOMOBILE, VALID CALIFORNIA DRIVERS LICENSE, PROOF OF INSURANCE, and CALIFORNIA AUTO REGISTRATION, and a VALID U.S. WORK PERMIT (if you are a non-U.S. resident). If you do not possess a California license or California auto registration, you can still start work and apply to the DMV to obtain these within 30 days. Our offices are in Malibu, so you must be able to commute daily from your residence, which, ideally, should not be more than one hour away. Once you have successfully completed your internship, we will advise you as to how to proceed to find a paying position in the entertainment industry.

How To Apply

If you are interested please e-mail your cover letter and resume to

Intern Testimonials

I started my internship just as the Love Ranch production office was setting up in New Mexico. My first week was basically a crash course in how the real film industry works, not what they teach you in school. Within the first two weeks I learned a great deal about who’s who in Hollywood, and got a surprisingly up close and personal look at what exactly producers and directors do. It was a bit daunting at first, and they expect the utmost competence and efficiency from their interns, but working alongside such an experienced film producer is an almost unheard of opportunity.

Only a few months out of college and I was already working on a major motion picture with a great cast and crew. I had the opportunity to meet the director Taylor Hackford, the director of photography Kieran McGuigan and the stars of the film. I also had a chance to visit the set and see the filming firsthand. I learned a great deal about what Marty does on set as a producer, as well as how the crew interacts and collaborates. This was an experience I never thought I would have this soon out of college, but there I was. And Marty does ask a lot from his interns, but as long as you keep up with the pace it’s fine. I also got to meet everyone in the production office in New Mexico.

As an intern I dealt with everything from financial and budget issues, to casting and filmographies. One of the other interns even got so spend a month in the editing room in Los Angeles working on an Avid system and looking through all the footage that came in.

Besides all the invaluable firsthand experience I gained, there is one more exciting aspect to this internship: screen credit. Less than a year out of college, and all the interns will receive screen credit on Love Ranch. This is a very rare opportunity that immerses you in the behind-the-scenes world of film producing. If you can keep up with the fast pace of the film industry, then this internship is for you.

Daniel Fisch
Production Intern
Love Ranch

When I came to Los Angeles straight out of film school I was full of enthusiasm but was also quite afraid of the daunting task of breaking into the film business. With only my BA, my search for employment within the entertainment industry was coming up dry. I was fortunate enough to be accepted as an intern with Marty Katz Productions. Here I have gained invaluable experience which will undoubtedly launch my career in entertainment. With Marty Katz Productions I had the opportunity to observe and learn the production aspect of professional filmmaking. Not only have I received training in the basic skills necessary to work within this industry, but I was fortunate enough to assist the producer on set of the film Love Ranch. There I observed a number of Academy Award winners and nominees including Taylor Hackford, Helen Mirren, and Joe Pesci. In less than six months I went from just another film school graduate to working on the set of a high profile major motion picture because of Marty Katz Productions.

Luke Randall
Production Intern
Love Ranch