Submissions Policy & Procedure


 As a general practice, Marty Katz Productions does not accept unsolicited material that is not represented by a reputable agent, agency, manager, producer, production company or studio. Any unsolicited pitches, outlines, scripts, treatments, etc. will be discarded and will not be read. The purpose of this policy is to avoid any potential misunderstandings if your original work seems similar to a Marty Katz Productions project since many works and submissions are based on the same or similar ideas. Please note, if you choose to disregard this policy and submit materials regardless, you acknowledge that you have read the Marty Katz Productions submission policy and understand that by making such a submission, you understand that Marty Katz Productions has no obligation to you or your submission and that you have no claim whatsoever based on such submission.

If you are interested in submitting material to Marty Katz Productions, a Script Query Letter must be sent to us via e-mail at:

If we express interest in your query and brief story synopsis, then we will notify you, and ask you to download our Script Submission Release Form here. Please fill out and sign a hardcopy of our release form, and mail both the executed hardcopy of the release form and your material to:

30765 Pacific Coast Hwy #378
Malibu, CA 90265

After mailing a hard copy of the Script and an executed copy of the Script Submission Release Form, if you also wish to submit your pre-considered work via e-mail, a scanned copy of the executed Script Submission Release Form, as well as your material (Script or Book) may be e-mailed to: Please do not call the office directly, we will be in contact with you at the appropriate time.

In all cases, please note that a hardcopy of BOTH the Submission Release Form and material MUST be sent to us via US Mail. If you also elect to e-mail us a scanned, executed copy, of the Submission Release Form, you MUST verify that you’ve also sent a hardcopy of both the executed Submission Release Form and material via US Mail.


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